Remote Support

Remote Support In Black And White.


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 Have us look at your computer right NOW !!! (No Charge).


Free diagnostics,we only charge per repair.


For remote support call us on 07717 006634

or +447717 006634 if calling from outside of the UK.



Here at PC Repairs Croydon Ltd we use a program called “UltraVnc Single Click” for remote support access to your computer.


We have renamed the program file to PC_Repairs_Croydon.exe so as you know you are inviting us at PC Repairs Croydon Ltd, for your remote support.


PC_Repairs_Croydon.exe does not require installation and does not make use of, or change your windows registry file.


This program is a very save way to gain the advantage of remote support as you have to initiate the connection from your end to allow us access to your computer.


Therefore there is only a connection made between your computer and us with your permission and knowing.


PC_Repairs_croydon.exe only sends out the remote support access call to our IP address and no one else’s which means it will only call us and not someone else.


For your piece of mind please save it to your computer and then right click the file and let your antivirus scan the program before you run it.


You also have the added advantage that you can see what we are doing on your screen and you can always hang up the connection should you want to.


All you have to do is download the little executable and Click to make a connection. The connection is initiated by you the customer and not by us at PC Repairs Croydon Ltd.


Please have a look at Ultra Vnc’s official homepage in the link below if you would like to learn more about UltraVnc Single Click.